Rubber Tree


Advance Planting Material (APM) of rubber tree is available in Riwal Agro Sdn Bhd. With APM, we have ready our rubber tree up to 2 layers even further to 3 layers to fulfil your needs. This service solve a lot farmers’ frequent faced issue which majority their plants being damaged by insect, wildlife, weather, and so on. Now, you can get the replacement of the rubber trees from us, we are always ready for you.


Benih Cantuman Muda Polibag (BCMP) is one of the type of seedling we own in Riwal Agro Sdn Bhd. This technique enable us to control well the quality & health of rubber tree. Rubber tree grew by this technique is strong against majority disease, and easy to manage.


Tunggul Camtuman Polibeg (TCP) technique also implemented by us. Seed of rubber tree will be let sprouting until it been taking out from ground for the following process. The roots and trunk of the rubber tree will be removed and moved to polybag.